Sunday, January 10, 2010


It finally, got warm today. Well if you consider 18-20 degrees warm. For us it was like a heatwave after it being below zero since Christmas Eve. We still have a lot of ice on the roads, but it is starting to get better from the sun, people driving on it, and now the warmer tempertures we are supposed to get this week should get rid of it.

It was so nice to finally be able to play outside again. Reese and I were both starting to get a little crazy from being cooped up in the house. We have been practicing our tricks and our agility homework but nothing beats all out crazy running in the yard - through the snow chasing our soccer ball.

Tomorrow we will be back to multiple walks a day hopefully we can get back to our running this week. We will check the roads in the morning and see how they are. We were just starting to get into a running routine and then the sub-zero temps and ice hit, but what are you gonna do.

Tonight I made banana bread. Reese has a strange fascination with PAM cooking spray. Well any aerosol spray can actually. But whenever I cook I can count on her to help with the greasing of the pans. Here is a little video of tonights help.

I used to not show her what I was doing and tried to hide it from her by spraying the pans over the counter. Her reaction was much worse, so I thought why not just show her what I am doing, and it has actually been getting better. Taking the mystery out of what goes on with noisy cans above the counters.

Yes, it's true folks border collies can be a little weird. There is also the time I used hairspray from an aerosol can. Reese came bounding into the bathroom jumping on me which sent us both flying into the bath tub. I looked up just in time to see the the shower curtain, rod and all, rapidly desending straight for my head. Ya, I can laugh about it now, but at the time.....grrrrr!

Why the fascination with aerosol cans. Who knows. She did bite into a Claire Burke popourri can when she was a puppy. It was only about 1/4 full thankfully. She bit into it as she was carrying it through the house. Once she bit into it the contents just kept coming out at her. She didn't get hurt or sick and nothing happened to the can other then it leaked and that was the last Claire Burke I had. Ever since then aerosol can's make her mad.

The only other weird thing Reese does is that she does not like one certain set of railroad tracks in town. She will watch for them when we are driving and will start getting ready about 4 blocks ahead of time. Actually she starts prepping when we are turning onto this road about 6 blocks ahead. I do try to avoid this road when she is not crated and if she is crated, the crate gets covered and then she is okay. It seems to be a visual thing she has connected to the noise and bumps of the railroad tracks. In this video she is spinning a bit in the crate. Usually she is rocking back and forth from side to side trying to see past the passenger seat at her evil nemesis.

Living with a border collie - never a dull moment. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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