Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Recap 2011 -part 1

Summer 2011 came and went. Where did it go? We were out and about disconnected as much as possible from the electronic world, and I must say we rather like it that way. Here is a little recap of what we did during the first half.

We spent Sunday mornings,
playing and lounging outside.
Reese with her toys, I with my coffee...You got a cookie in there for me?

We went to my nephew's graduation party!

Visited and played with Charley!

We went to the CPE National Agility Championships and watched our friends compete.



Reese hanging out with our friend Donna while I took some pictures.

 We visited my sister who lives on a lake. Reese was prepared in her pink life preserver.  Never know when you might take an unwanted dip!

 We went canoeing, and for paddle boat rides.  Reese loved the water, at least riding on top. Going in was not something she wanted to try on this trip.  But stay tuned because that changes.

We went for walks with our cousin Skippy!



We visited lots of flower parks.  I love flowers can you tell!

Charley came to visit for awhile. And played and played with Reese! 

"Help me Charley, its got me!"

"Hang on Reese. I'll save you!"


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Runners High! Yep, It's Back!

Wow, I can't believe how great it is to be running again. I am building distance and getting stronger and it is the most amazing feeling. I have missed it so much. Reese has been an awesome running partner. The hard part is trying to sneak out of the house without her for my longer runs.

So far Reese has gone with me up to 3 miles. We were going to try a 4 miler this week, but with the rain, rain, that won't go away....that hasn't happen yet. Since she can't tell me how she feels I want to build up her distance slowly. She loves it, and knows the difference of when we will be running and when we are going for a walk. Have I ever told you how smart she is? Yep, she is very smart! 

It is sad to sneak out early in the morning to get in a 5, 7 or 9 miler without Reese but she will get there.  Due to Reese's t-storm phobia and the meds she takes for it, we haven't gotten out yet this week, and I am feeling it and so is Reese. It's not a good feeling when you are just getting back in the groove.

I will run in the rain, heck I run in 30 below windchill but, yesterday we had more than rain. The streets were flooded on my way home. It was like driving through a scene from "The Deep". I was just waiting for the fish to jump over the hood of my car. Since I'm not into Triathlons just yet - don't think I'll ever be with that swim [shark] thing going on, I didn't get out for a run yesterday. Still raining today and not supposed to stop until tomorrow sometime. Not thundering anymore thank goodness. Hopefully we can get out and hit the road again tomorrow. 

And I did it. Yep, I entered my first Photo Contest. It is contest put on by the Border Collies in Action site, which sell lots of great herding items for working stock, videos, clothes, misc. things for the house.

This is the photo I entered...

I took it at a herding clinic that Reese and I attended last year. It is my friend Loretta's dog Klink, "Working the Ladies!"

Speaking of photos....since it has been raining just about all but three days this month the pictures just haven't been happening. Once I was able to start shooting outside this Spring, shooting inside became so blah! It is supposed to be nice this weekend, and I have off next week and I am planning a number of photo hikes - so looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whats In a "Walk"?

I try darn hard to get my dog out for a walk at least twice a day. By walk I don't mean potty breaks. I mean real "walkies" at least a mile, usually longer, but a mile is the minimum each walk. In the evening we try to get in an hour or as close to it as we can.

Of course if we have our Agility lesson or are doing other training that night we may shorten the walk etc. its not a hard and fast rule.

In the Spring, Summer and Fall we try to do some running preferably in the morning when it is cool and then do our "walk" in the evening.

What I have found is that a 3 mile walk will tire Reese out and satisfy her exercise needs more than a 2 mile run will. Granted she is running on leash so it is a run for me and a trot for her.

But....the walk incorporates times to sniff, poke around, it isn't done as a race. It is a relaxing time for both of us to unwind and spend quality time together. When we run it is more business like. Minimum sniffs and potty breaks, and preferably we get the poos taken care of prior to the run.

So to be fair if we run in the AM it is business, but our walk is all about the relaxation and sniffy's. I allow Reese to sniff as much as she likes within reason. I still have her walk with me a bit each walk, meaning next to me on a loose leash, but not technically heeling. Then for her reward she gets to "go sniff". The rest of the walk she can walk in front of me stopping to sniff and mark as long as the leash is loose.

Some people believe that anytime the dog is in front it is in control and being "dominate" but I don't believe that. I don't like pulling on the leash, but if my dog is being respectful of me or walking on a loose leash and is aware of where I am, so that if I slow down she slows down or if I stop she will stop and wait for me, I have no problem with that.

I believe that on our walks Reese is getting mental exercise by sniffing and exploring, using her nose and having more time to take in the environment, plus she is getting physical exercise by walking.  A walk actually meets more of her needs than a run does.

If we run three miles Reese will be physically tired and sleep the rest of the night. However, if we do less than that, say two miles, Reese is ready to rock when we get home. Two miles is just enough for a warm up for her. I think it actually gets her more hyped up but doesn't satisfy her enough relax her. After a 2 miler we need to do some trick work or other work that will work her mind. This is what Patricia McConnell was talking about on this blog post .  I think she was right on.

I think each dog is different and you have to find what works for your dog. Reese has an off-switch which is wonderful. But I also recognize that she waits for me while I am at work all day with not much to do but look out the window and sleep. I owe it to her to give her both the mental and physical exercise she needs to be healthy. For Reese, as Patricia said in her post, a 2 mile run "wakes her up".  A 3 mile run is enough to tire her out. That being said given the choice of a 1 mile walk or a 3 mile run, the walk would win. Why, because it involves both the mental and the physical aspect for Reese. 

In her book Animals Make Us Human Temple Grandin talks about animals emotions, one of which is Seeking.  Seeking is the animals need to search, and investigate its surroundings.  Dogs do this on walks sniffing and exploring the environment. Which is another reason I try to vary where we walk. It is more stimulating for Reese if she can explore new places, and who has been there before her:)).

Finally, I believe that walking with your dog is such in easy way to spend time bonding with them. Walks are highly reinforcing for dogs and spending time walking with them will reinforce your importance to them - they don't get to go without you after all. It is such an easy thing for you do to together.

I love what walks have done for my relationship with my dog, and I always feel better after I get off the couch and hit the road!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reese in Action!

We were lucky enough to have Amy from GreatDanePhotos at our trial last weekend.  Here are some the photos of Reese in action!

"Image by GreatDanePhotos (c) 2011. Used with permission."
"Image by GreatDanePhotos (c) 2011. Used with permission."
"Image by GreatDanePhotos(c) 2011. Used with permission."

"Image by GreatDanePhotos (c) 2011. Used with permission." 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There Are No Shortcuts to Anywhere Worth Going

Reese and I attended our first CPE trial this past weekend. She was amazing! We attended both days - 4 runs each day.

CPE has six games, I have done Snooker and Gamblers in USDAA and CPE has Snooker and their Jackpot is like Gamblers. CPE also has FullHouse, Colors, and WildCard, all three of which I have never run. So a couple of days before the trial I got the Running Order. The first run will be FullHouse, the first dog and handler on the line at 8:00 is Sarah and Reese - Yeah Baby!

I actually was glad that FullHouse would be the first run, as it would give Reese and I time to adjust to a trial situation again. It was a new place we had never been before, our second trial, and we were playing a game I knew nothing about. What could go wrong?  Not a whole lot as it turns out.

FullHouse was a good run. Startline stay was good. Reese was a little bouncy but I'm sure she was sensing my nerves. Reese had weave issues apparently not liking weaves in a new location. After the weaves she bounced around a jump and then back jumped it. Watching the video you will notice that Reese had moved on already but I failed to notice this and this is when I started directing my "Imaginary Dog" back over that jump. But when even he didn't perform, I moved on back to Reese. The weaves were one of the jokers but I knew we could do the A-frame for a joker and would be fine. She nailed the A-frame but we ran out of time so no Q.  We ran to the table and that was when the "freaky handler" made her only appearence for the weekend and tried to carry Reese to her leash.  That was NOT normal and Reese would have none of it and she told me so. I put her in a stay on the table and quick put her collar back on and out of the ring we went.

Before our next run I decided to do a little shopping at the vendors. I found a martingale style Lupine collar, I have been looking for one of these forever. Our friend Donna uses one for her dog Jadah and it has worked great for them. I wasn't sure what the design of the collar was that we had fit Reese for, but when I realized it was Sunflowers, there was not even a question in my mind - we were getting that collar. My cousin Sue loved Sunflowers. They symbolize Sue for me and I have never been able to look at Sunflowers the same since Sue passed. So I figured this might be some good luck for us. Sue loved animals and dogs in particular. Call it what you want - after we got that collar, when I put it on Reese for each of her runs the rest of the trial, everything clicked. And each time that collar was slipped over her head I calmed down another notch.

Standard run was good but didn't get video. Got to the line and no "exit guards", took a deep breath and thought well, it is what it is. Off came the collar and away we went. Startline was good, I knew the course well, so no issue there. I was running hard and it was a great run, we were really in sync, I was giving clear commands, Reese was listening and reading my body language great, no bobbles and no bounciness, and then we got to the dogwalk. I wanted to make sure she had clear instructions again so as soon as she got to the top and started across I said, "Touch". Reese stopped and was sniffing at the top plank. I encouraged her to "Walk it" but she jumped right off and ran to the other end to jump on the yellow to "Touch". Whoops, why did I say touch so early. We kept going the rest of the run which was flawless. Bummed that I don't have it on video as it was such a nice run. We got to the end and had a party. Slipped her new collar on and all was well.  Boy was it a fun run! Why was it so great since we didn't Q. Because we ran as a team, connected and totally in tune to each other - well except my mistake on the dogwalk. 

Next up was Snooker. I can't believe that our first Q was in Snooker -who would have thought. Colors was the last run of the day. I loved it, it was a nice fast course, tons of fun. Reese did great, another Q. With each run on Saturday I got more relaxed and Reese and I ran better and better together.

Sunday we started the day with Jackpot. I wanted to use this run to test out Reese's dogwalk and teeter and make sure there were no lasting issues from the day before. So I had both the dogwalk and the teeter in my opening sequence plan. Reese started up the dogwalk but bailed on the up plank. No worries, movin' on, we got to the teeter. She started up, came off. Okay so still having issues. So we didn't get our points in the opening sequence but we got the gamble which 1 out of 2 parts of the course wasn't bad. So no Q but got good information on the dogwalk and teeter. After the Jackpot runs had finished the judge said I could take Reese over the dogwalk with her on leash and see if she would go over it. At first she didn't want to and was hesitant. But I got her to go over once slowly and with some coaxing. Then we did it a few more times with more speed each time. We did the same thing with the teeter.

Next up, Standard. Would we get the dogwalk.....yes we did!  It was slower than she can do, and I was babysitting more than I should need to but after what happened I wanted to be there to support her and she did it well. The only problem was that I was so happy she did the dogwalk and seemed to be over her issue with it that a few obstacles later I was looking for the teeter which is not includeded in Standard in this level. I found myself in the right place to send her over the conspicuously absent teeter but not in the correct position to send Reese to the correct jump. I misdirected Reese and she back jumped a jump and then took it and we finished the course. It was too bad about the jump which was all my fault. But the important thing to me was that she did the dogwalk! Spoke to a friend about our run and she suggested I check our score because we might have Q'd anyway. So I did and we got another Q. I couldn't believe it, I never would have guessed.

Then it was onto WildCard - another fun, fast course and Q. Finally, we had Jumpers. This was a great course too. I was a little off as Reese had gotten pretty jazzed at the start watching some other dogs. I was able to get her refocused but I was still distracted. I was a little too tense to keep the run as smooth as I would have liked but it was still a good run and a Q.

My goals for this trial were pretty simple. Keep myself calm and run. Reese was very focused. Ready to go for each run. She knew her job and did it perfectly, I did my job (with a few errors) but we really were a team. Reese was sleeping her crate in the afternoon the first day. The last trial she didn't sleep in her crate until the second day. The second day this weekend she was sleeping in her crate both in the morning and in the afternoon.  She also slept, yes I said slept - the put your head all the way down sleep, in the car both to and from the trial.

After this weekend I can say without a doubt that trialing is so much more fun when you stop worrying about what-ifs and really believe in yourself and your dog. Then you can relax and just run and have fun with your dog which is what it is all about.

Reese after a successful weekend trialing!

A card Reese and I received from our biggest fans.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raptor Release

Last weekend I went to the Spring Raptor Release.  A local Raptor Center takes in injured raptors from all over the world, rehabs them and when they are ready, the birds are released back into the wild. They also have resident birds that work as ambassadors for the public to learn about them.  It was a fun day.

Did you know that songbirds migrate at night and use the stars as guides? Raptors migrate during the day so it is safer for songbirds at night. The raptors hunt with their eyes so need the daylight to see their prey.

I am a bit behind on the 52 week stuff so will have to get back to that.  Now that winter is finally gone, it will be fun to get some pictures outside.