Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Runners High! Yep, It's Back!

Wow, I can't believe how great it is to be running again. I am building distance and getting stronger and it is the most amazing feeling. I have missed it so much. Reese has been an awesome running partner. The hard part is trying to sneak out of the house without her for my longer runs.

So far Reese has gone with me up to 3 miles. We were going to try a 4 miler this week, but with the rain, rain, that won't go away....that hasn't happen yet. Since she can't tell me how she feels I want to build up her distance slowly. She loves it, and knows the difference of when we will be running and when we are going for a walk. Have I ever told you how smart she is? Yep, she is very smart! 

It is sad to sneak out early in the morning to get in a 5, 7 or 9 miler without Reese but she will get there.  Due to Reese's t-storm phobia and the meds she takes for it, we haven't gotten out yet this week, and I am feeling it and so is Reese. It's not a good feeling when you are just getting back in the groove.

I will run in the rain, heck I run in 30 below windchill but, yesterday we had more than rain. The streets were flooded on my way home. It was like driving through a scene from "The Deep". I was just waiting for the fish to jump over the hood of my car. Since I'm not into Triathlons just yet - don't think I'll ever be with that swim [shark] thing going on, I didn't get out for a run yesterday. Still raining today and not supposed to stop until tomorrow sometime. Not thundering anymore thank goodness. Hopefully we can get out and hit the road again tomorrow. 

And I did it. Yep, I entered my first Photo Contest. It is contest put on by the Border Collies in Action site, which sell lots of great herding items for working stock, videos, clothes, misc. things for the house.

This is the photo I entered...

I took it at a herding clinic that Reese and I attended last year. It is my friend Loretta's dog Klink, "Working the Ladies!"

Speaking of photos....since it has been raining just about all but three days this month the pictures just haven't been happening. Once I was able to start shooting outside this Spring, shooting inside became so blah! It is supposed to be nice this weekend, and I have off next week and I am planning a number of photo hikes - so looking forward to it!

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