Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Recap 2011 -part 1

Summer 2011 came and went. Where did it go? We were out and about disconnected as much as possible from the electronic world, and I must say we rather like it that way. Here is a little recap of what we did during the first half.

We spent Sunday mornings,
playing and lounging outside.
Reese with her toys, I with my coffee...You got a cookie in there for me?

We went to my nephew's graduation party!

Visited and played with Charley!

We went to the CPE National Agility Championships and watched our friends compete.



Reese hanging out with our friend Donna while I took some pictures.

 We visited my sister who lives on a lake. Reese was prepared in her pink life preserver.  Never know when you might take an unwanted dip!

 We went canoeing, and for paddle boat rides.  Reese loved the water, at least riding on top. Going in was not something she wanted to try on this trip.  But stay tuned because that changes.

We went for walks with our cousin Skippy!



We visited lots of flower parks.  I love flowers can you tell!

Charley came to visit for awhile. And played and played with Reese! 

"Help me Charley, its got me!"

"Hang on Reese. I'll save you!"



Josie said...

Awesome pictures and story!!! Sounds like lots of fun. I love when the toy got the pup...keep the updates coming....woofs and hugs...MB, Josie and Blues

D said...

LOVE that picture you took of Logan! Oh, and you have been tagged! :)