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Tracking the Lions and What I Found Along the Way.....

I have always loved photography. I was lucky enough to be able to take a Safari to Africa many years ago to see a very small slice of the continent and photograph the wildlife. That got me hooked on photography.

In Africa I had my trusty film 35 mm - all manual. No metering modes like auto,action, landscape etc. It was manual focus, manual film wind - remember when you had to wind the film yourself to advance it for the next shot. Remember when you had to hand wind the film out of the camera and handle the film to put it in....those days are long gone. But that was me sitting in the middle of the Serengeti winding away while my friends were already shooting again with their SLR's.

After years of lusting after a film SLR I finally made the jump, and in 2010 I purchased my first DSLR and I am loving every frame I take!

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