Love to read a good book. Trouble is finding a good book. There are lots of books out there but it seems just about anything gets published these days. Weeding out those page turners is hard to do. While I love to read, it has to be worth my time. Sorry folks but I am busy, I read because I enjoy it. So if I don't enjoy the words I am reading I'm not going to force myself to finish it.

Some of my favorite books and recent reads:

1. Poisonwood Bible
2. Life of Pi
3. Pack of Two
4. I Dreamed of Africa
5. Pet Food Politics, Marion Nestle
6. Alex and Me - How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered  a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence, Irene Pepperberg
7. An American Assassin, Vince Flynn
8. Saturday, Ian McEwan