Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paw Prints On My Heart!

My sweet Bella Belle you have been gone for 6 months now.
I can't believe it! It all happened so fast.
Our meeting and you becoming a member of my family.
Our time together and then the end.
I can still remember the day that I went to Target to get a lamp and
came home with you! While it wasn't a total non-thinking moment -
I had been thinking of getting friend like you for awhile, but I
wasn't sure that I would ever find the one that would be just right!
And then I met you!
As I was leaving the cat room, your eyes drew me in, and you knew, you had me.
I'll just try holding this one, I thought, and then leave.
You settled in my arms just so, and then I knew, you were the one!

You were my co-pilot, as we put miles on the car. You taught me all
about cats, and to always expect the unexpected!
You were stubborn - and more than willing to flip Reese the "Paw"!
I miss you so much my Bella girl - and so does Soph! 

You ruled with an iron paw and left paw prints of love on all of our hearts!
Be free my sweet Bella, jump high for your pom balls, catch the feather and run!

Bella - Godspeed!

March 30, 2001 - July 2, 2012
Our lovely lady with the golden hair
Green eyes glowing in the summer air.
And all around we coo and admire
The Princess with the golden hair.
One day the announcement came,
"Ah, my family - this I say
A trip I'm planning - to go away."
"Too strong is the pull of the Bridge beyond.
So soon I'll be going, but will
wait for you there,
You are in my heart and I'll hold you close
Mostly we'll be as we were before."
"Remember me for my gentle ways,
those soft sweet rubs with Mom and Soph -
Happy fun times when we shared the big bed
gnarly hunger thuds on that closed door.
Scaling kitchen heights so to supervise
keeping you all within my eyes.
Mostly remember my golden halo,
Bright shining green eyes and
my devotion to you all."
Written by Bella's Grandmum!