Paws and Claws

Bella Belle
a.k.a. Belle, Jelly Belly, Princess

Bella was my first cat. She was the perfect cat for a first time cat owner. So laid back and nonchalant about everything. I remember when I first held her, she relaxed instantly in my arms. No tension, no worries - I knew she was the cat for me. The first few years together we spent traveling a lot. She likes car rides as long as Louie Armstrong isn't on the radio, and she doesn't care for elevators. Everything else is a go...

Sophie Sophia
a.k.a. Sophers, Babycakes

Sophie came to live with Bella and I as a kitten. I remember being freaked out that I was now responsible for caring for this tiny little thing. Thankfully she pretty much took care of that by herself. 

Sophie is the clown of the family, my little monkey.  A jumper, a climber, as part Siamese she is quite a talker.  Always ready to play, always ready for a game. 

Reese's Pieces "Reese"
a.k.a. Punk, Sweetness, Punkin', Pieces

Reese was the reason I started the blog. I wanted to try to record some of the training we were doing and well, it just kind evolved from there. Reese does agility a little herding and a lot of hiking, fetching, and is my numero uno Trickster.

She keeps me on my toes and always has me thinking trying to stay one step ahead of her!