Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raptor Release

Last weekend I went to the Spring Raptor Release.  A local Raptor Center takes in injured raptors from all over the world, rehabs them and when they are ready, the birds are released back into the wild. They also have resident birds that work as ambassadors for the public to learn about them.  It was a fun day.

Did you know that songbirds migrate at night and use the stars as guides? Raptors migrate during the day so it is safer for songbirds at night. The raptors hunt with their eyes so need the daylight to see their prey.

I am a bit behind on the 52 week stuff so will have to get back to that.  Now that winter is finally gone, it will be fun to get some pictures outside.


Knotty Dogs said...

Great photos! I would have loved to have been there!

Sare said...

Thanks Jodi. It was fun. Hoping to go back for the Fall Release.

Loretta Mueller said...


Sare said...

Yes it was. You and Donna and Di will have to come to the Fall release. It is usually in a park like setting so low-tick traffic areas.