Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Last weekend I went to a Landscape photography workshop with some friends. Learned some new things about finding unique ways to make a photo stand-out. Not sure that any of mine do, actually I am quite sure that none of them do but it was fun. Revisted some things I have heard before like looking for lines, and layers. Odd numbered items was new. It is amazing how different a picture can look by changing your location. Just rotating around a group of trees can completely change the frame. Lots of laughs with friends which always makes for a great day.

 You want to look for lines,
I thought this looked like  a big animal hoof. Or something from the book Where the Wild Things Are.

I love reflections. So peaceful.

More moss or fungus or something but this was a bit more colorful.

This reminded me of the guy on Sesame Street that always painted the number 8 on a guys bald head. Don't know why, it's just what came to me when I saw it.

For some reason I liked this with the photographer in the middle of it.

Layers is another thing to look for.

Colorful grasses.

Of course being animal nuts we all jumped at the chance to take an animal footprint of some kind of bird.

Lines again.

This is about the point we had to make a hasty exit out of the woods to find a good old fashioned Biffy!

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