Sunday, April 17, 2011

News Smooze

Well hello there.  Bet you were wondering if I would ever post anything again but a quick picture, eh?

Actually that was part of the problem. Blogger said I was at my limit for pictures and so wouldn't let me post any. You know me I love to post pictures so... I wasn't into blogging much. It would let me post video although hosted at YouTube but that still seemed weird. I think I have it worked out now but still don't really know how I ran out of space so fast.

I thought the pics I was posting were too large as in too many mp but that wasn't it.  I checked mine and other people's blogs that post many more pics than I do, so I don't exactly know what the problem was but as long as it is working now I will go with it.  If anyone else has run into this please let me know.

The snow is finally gone. Yes got a dusting on the grass last night but that was gone mid morning.  So Ms. Mother Nature can send Spring here anytime.....we are all waiting.....waiting.....waiting and we continue to wait.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer though...yeah a heat wave of 40 flipping degrees.  It is the second half of April people.....It should be in the 60's, 50's at least.

Reese had her appointment at her behaviorist for her thunderstorm phobia.  We made a few tweaks to her medications and will see how that helps her with the storms I am sure we will get, if it warms up....that is one good thing about it staying cold.  But come on this pasty white skin has got to go!
Anyway, Reese's Dr. thought she was doing really well.  I did order a thunder-shirt for her to try.  Also, the Dr. thought Reese might be anxious in the car and not actually car-sick.  So I will giving her some things to help with the longer car rides, short ones she is okay with. I am hoping the thunder-shirt might help her in the car too.  It should arrive this week and I am anxious to have her try it.

Relaxation protocol is going well as are some of the other applications from the CU program we have been working on.  Reese didn't care at all about two dogs on our walk today. One was clearly off leash and she saw it, but she didn't react or get excited about it running around at all.  It was quite a distance off for most of the time, but we did get closer at one point.  In the past even if we are far away if a dog is running off leash she will at least stare for a few seconds or go to the end of the leash not lunging but just wanting to get closer to the movement etc.  She didn't tense her body up at all, she lifted her head a bit once or twice, as if to get a better look but her breathing, walking pace and everything else stayed the same. I recalled her a number of times and she came back to me.  Yes - she was on leash so was not that far from me but she didn't give the other dog a second thought.  Yea for Reese!!  Such a good girl!

Reese is doing awesome in agility.  She has been having some great lessons, we are really coming together as a team and it just feels so different than where we were even a few months ago.  Such a great feeling, I can't really describe it but if you've been there with a working canine partner you know what I am talking about.

We have a trial in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to testing how things really are and to find out where our work needs to be concentrated next.  I am working on some goals for this trial for us as I have a few different things in mind than our last trial. 

Our lesson last week was outside, first one of the season. Reese rocked it!  She was such a good girl, so focused on me and her job.  I was so happy.  Off leash outside, springtime smells all around.  Oh - did I mention sheep. Lots of sheep in the pasture and hanging out by the barn. Big sheep, little sheep all around us baaa, baaa.

No problem, she was clearly listening to the baaaing going on and knew exactly where they were while I walked courses. But when it was time to work, Reese didn't even give them a glance.  YEA!!!!

She has been so good on walks with the cars too.  Maybe one or two cars that she is interested in when we are walking otherwise there is no acknowledgement that there is a vehicle approaching, passing, or driving away.....YES!  She even started sitting when she did notice the cars, but she calmly watches them go by.  We have worked so hard for this.  I really hope our progress continues.  To see this success after we have had such a long road dealing with this it is so worth it. To see our hard work and dedication pay makes me really proud!

My addiction to the MI-5 series on Netflix continues I think I am in season 5 will be a sad day when I get to the end.  Luckily the series is still on so there will be new episodes on the way.

There is another new thing that has kept me busy the last week and half or so... but you will have to stay tuned in to find out what that is.....but I guarantee you will like it:))

Hint:  It is fuzzy, cuddly and full of cuteness!

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