Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought We'd Try and Experiment

Just because both I and Reese were getting frustrating with our plank work. I thought we would try a little experiment. I remembered how when she is working goats and they are a little too slow for her she tries to come up with ways on her own to make it more interesting. So when I as a handler start making her think more then she slows down and works at a more appropriate pace. So we thought we would just give this a whirl one time and see what happens.

Not sure if it is better, worse or the same then what we got with a flat plank. I think that she is not as fast but I was using treats and she is slower with those than with the tug or the ball. She was also tired this was the end of a long day. But it seemed smoother to me, she bounced a couple times leaving the plank, but she hit the contacts and wasn't bouncing all the way across the plank.

Will speed come when she has a chance to get some speed before and after the plank. I don't know, but I don't know if she will ever get the speed I want when we are working in the house as there is not enough room. Most say get the speed first but in our case I don't know if that will happen. SO...I might go for criteria first and hope the speed comes when we are at the training center. Will see what my trainer thinks. She may have my head on a platter for this one, but we wouldn't know if we didn't try so I thought why not give it a go and see what we got. Here you go...

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fulltiltbcs said...

I like it better raised, she is slower...definetly thinking more, so maybe that is what works for her to get the striding and be able to be rewarded more. I can't wait until spring so you can be outside with her instead of in the house!