Saturday, January 2, 2010

Like a Well Worn Sweatshirt

You know the kind I am talking about. The sweatshirts that are old, thin and worn out from being worn so often. Maybe a hole here or there, but those old sweatshirts are always the favorites. They feel so good, because they are soft and the stiffness that some sweatshirts have is gone. They just feel right... you can't really explain it but most everyone I know has that one sweatshirt that is their favorite.

So this

is like Reese's sweatshirt.
It used to look like this

can sort of see the resemblence can't you?

So I bought her a new chuckit ball, because when they are ripped in half they don't roll well, and they certainly do not bounce. They do however, dangle. When holding one half in your mouth the other half dangles from the thin yellow piece of rubber (see above) that connects the two halves. When running with half the ball in mouth the other half, the dangling half, bounces up and hits the carrier in the face, most often right between the eyes. So I guess I stand corrected they do bounce, just not in the usual way.

So I bought a new one. This nice, beautiful, clean, ROUND, intact, chuckit ball.

Did she want to play with it.  Hell no... she wanted to play with this one.....
For safety reasons this one has now been confiscated!

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