Monday, January 18, 2010

Jim and Jackie's

This weekend the group that Reese and I work stock with had our Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun. I am so lucky to have a great group of people to herd with and these people have become very good friends of mine. We watched videos of herding from the past year, it was fun to see all the progress we made last season. It was also fun to see the green grass and warm sun shining down - gives you hope that Spring is not too far away. It does however make me realize how much I have missed herding and our almost weekly trips to the farm.

In addition to good company, although a few people couldn't make it one being our fearless leader, we had of course ample dog talk going on, and a great meal. If you ever hear of a restaurant called "Jim and Jackie's" make sure you stop in for a meal. I guarantee you will not leave disappointed or hungry! Jim cooked ribs and we also had Jackie's famous beans made from her secret recipe, baked potatoes with ALL the fixings, and pie for dessert. A little wine to wash it all down and we all had to be rolled away from the table.

It was fun to see Nick who is Reese's brother at his house in his own element. He and his sister Ash were very fun to watch play together. Or should I say it was fun to watch Nick trying to get his serious sister to play. He and Reese are so alike in the things they do, it is actually kind of scary. They both drool like a faucet with the right stimulas and they love their ball and bring it to you to throw but then they play keep away until they decide you are worthy of throwing it. Nick barks to get Jackie's attention and I kept looking around because is sounds exactly like Reese. They both have barks that can be really high pitch - can you say ear piercing and very annoying, or they have a deep, deep, bark for when someone is at the door or they are protecting you. So fun to see him.

This is Nick just hanging out at the party.

This is Reese resting after a bit of ball play. Can you tell they are related. They even hold their front paws the same way.

Ash loves to be in videos, she is the dog that looks right into the camera as she runs by, but she doesn't like the flash. Cameras in the house are scary - so no pictures of Ash today.

Reese got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house while I went to the party. It was a new experience for them and her but all went well, so she will probably stay with them more often as the need arises.

Warm temps this weekend in the 4o's made our runs and walks sooo enjoyable. Ran in the morning, did some work around the house, and walked in the afternoon yesterday. Topped it off with a good movie. What could be better.

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