Monday, January 4, 2010

Hmmmm.......could be a problem?

Reese and I were doing a little contact work this morning before work. The old board we had started with was leaning up against the wall.  The old board is thinner then the full length plank we are now using. I glanced over at the board against the wall and thought, how weird, it looked so much wider than the one at my feet. I know the thinner, shorter board is 12 inches wide because I sawed hand. Well most of it, I had some help - Thanks Dad.  

Hmmm.......yep the one against the wall certainly looked wider. It could be an optical illusion as the large plank is about 1 1/2 inches thick and and the thin one is a little over 1/2 inch thick. The large plank is longer than the other one, and it's painted.  Do you see what I mean....Reese thinks it looks odd too!

The unpainted one looks wider doesn't it. So I got my tape measure and sure enough...

The painted board
is 11 inches wide and the thin, short board is 12 inches wide.

What!!! You have been making me run a narrowor plank than necessary!! You are an evil handler!

It really isn't that much of a difference. Now if it was the other way and she was running on a board that was 13 inches and the competition size was 12 inches I think we could have a problem. But in this case she is running on an 11 inch wide plank and in competition she will have more room as it will be 12 inches wide. So I think we will be okay.

easy for you to say, you just run NEXT to it.  I have to run ON it.

you said I'm doing good, right? Isn't that why we raised the plank tonight?

Yes it is.
Today we did a number of short sessions. A session this morning we were 6 for 6, then at lunch worked it a bit we were 5 for 5. Then tonight we decided to test it and raised the plank about 2 1/2 inches or the height of a brick. Whoo hoo, again we were 6 for 6. So today's runs were 100%.  Good girlie Reese.

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