Monday, January 18, 2010

More Running Contacts

We have continued to work our running contacts still working on getting rid of that darn bouncing that leads to the jump off at the end. I want her running all the way to the end. Due to Reese not feeling well Friday night (gee could it be the horse poop she munched on during our lesson on Thursday) we didn't get anything done that day, and was gone Sat. So here are a couple videos of our recent sessions.

In the first video from yesterday I tried a number of things to see what would happen when I was in different positions to see if it increased her running over bouncing.

The second video from this morning had more consistent runs without bouncing so more rewards. She is not as fast but right now I think I'll just work on no bounces and hope that with more room at the arena she will pick up speed. I want to really work on reinforcing running the whole length of the plank with no bouncing.

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