Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing Running Contacts in My Sleep

Running contacts are a lot of work in the beginning. It seems until you figure out what is going to work for your set-up for training, and your dog, it is a lot of trial and error. I got a little frustrated the other night and raised my plank. It worked but that may have been a fluke. She isn't running as fast as I would like. While I would like to hope that speed will come with more space in reality it might not. I would rather like what I've got before I add to it. I want to make sure that she understands the criteria I want and I'm not sure I have trained that well enough yet. I don't want to take it for granted that she's got it, then start raising the plank, just to have to lower it and start the process again later.

In an effort to increase speed to a run over the plank and reduce bounciness I got the other half of the thinner plank I used at the beginning of training and put them together. When I tried just the 6 foot plank after running the full length plank she stepped on and jumped off the rest.

After putting them together this is what I got. I think I will work on this for a few sessions and see how it goes. There are a number or runs that she really does run and you can see the difference when she does. I would like to work on getting her understanding that "running" is the criteria that I am looking for better before we move on. Let me know what you think.


fulltiltbcs said...

I like the look of those reps!!!

Sare said...

Thanks. I really did see running contacts in my dream last night. Kind of scary!

fulltiltbcs said...

You are not the only one! LOL