Sunday, December 12, 2010

What to Do with a Border Collie during a Blizzard?

Yesterday we got the snow. Last evening the blowing started resulting in lots of drifting. Today the bitter cold set it.

We got out for a walk yesterday morning, but didn't get one in last night and there would be no walks today. It was a quick trip out-and-in for all the business duties, as the windchill called all the shots today.

So it was agility in the basement this morning. Then this afternoon I got this.

Dreaming of warmer days!

One can only keep looking at it for so long....

Soooo bored!

"I think I'll move to Florida!"

Ho hum...

Nothing to do but nap.

Sophie and Bella came out to play too.

Reese and I did some trick work today. I got one of our new ones on video, I think it's pretty cute.



Loretta Mueller said...

Great trick!!! Poor Reese's Pieces!

Sare said...

She loves this trick. I can't keep her out of the suitcase....ha!