Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby

Finally had a day off of work. I was so excited, had so many things planned. Was going to start the day with a run......yeah right!

Woke up to this...

At least the rain made the snow melt so I can see my light bulbs now. Previously they were covered in snow making it glow different colors.

It rained yesterday - well poured actually.  Definitely needed an umbrella. Then then temps dropped and we ended up in Ice World! I kinda knew it was coming but darnit I really wanted to run today.

Not good for border collies and really not good for their owners. We did some basement agility this morning. As Reese's turns have gotten tighter I have noticed she is slipping quite a bit on the carpet down there.

So...since the carpet needs replacing anyway, I am looking at putting matting down. I ordered a sample of the Great Mats matting so I will see if I like it. One of the joys of being a single homeowner I guess. Don't have to get permission from the husband. Just answer weird questions from strangers.

"Do you have a carpeted basement?"
"No, I have matting."
"Oh, so your kids can play."
"Nope, no kids."
"Hmmm...." and here comes the quizzical looks.  Love to walk away at that point and leave them wondering....

Now it is sleeting on top of the ice -  Great, gotta love MN.  Glad its New Years - fully stocked on beverages:))

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