Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving Sheep Cross-Country

Last weekend I witnessed something I may not ever see again. This kind of thing is probably common place in Ireland, England or Scotland.  But here in the States it is a rare sight. My friend Loretta was asked to use her border collies and help with some real farm work.

                                                     7 miles.

It was very fun to watch. There were about 110-120 head that were moved from one farm where they pasture in the summer to the farm where they will spend the winter months. There were four dogs that were used, plus four ATV's and then a vehicle followed to pick up tired dogs and switch them out with fresh ones. So across county roads and down a railroad track they went...
Getting ready to leave the first farm. View from the vehicle.

On our way!

Crossing the first busy road.

Loretta working Zip

How about taking the sheep for a walk through the woods? Okay.

Zip keeping the sheep from spreading out on a cross street while heading down the railroad.

Zip says, "Get along there Ladies, get along."

Gator my co-pilot during the drive.
Loretta used two of her dogs, Klink and Zip.  And Kathy used two of her dogs.  Gator came along but didn't get to work with the sheep.  He was however, my right hand man, with my driving the car and keeping me safe from strange men along the way.....and heck he is so photogenic for pictures.  Love pictures of Gator.

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