Monday, December 20, 2010

What Could you Buy with $10.00 ???

A pizza and a soda at the grocery store....

An order of Chinese take away...

A movie ticket and a very small kids popcorn...


A dog tag so you could get your Dog Back!

Yes, that's right for about the cost of the food listed above which you will probably eat and immediatly regret having done so, you can get your dog an ID tag. 
That way when your dog, that never wanders off, decides today is the day they are going to explore the neighborhood the person who finds them standing in the middle of traffic can return them to you that much quicker. 

$7.50 at Petsmart if you want a cheaper hanging tag or $10.20 at Boomerrang Tags for tags that will not fall off or breakaway from the collar for those dogs that are rough on tags.

Last week going back to work after lunch I found a dog standing in the middle of a busy intersection.  Oh, hell no, I thought I can't leave this dog here.  I called the dog and it came over, a nice, friendly dog.  It had a collar but NO tags - lovely!  

So I put the dog in the crate in my car and off to the local humane society we went to see if she (the dog, had a pink collar so I was pretty sure it was a she) was microchipped.  No such luck.  However, the owner had called the humane society as soon as she noticed her dog was missing and reported it.  The description matched the dog in my car fairly well and it was about 6 blocks from where I found her. 
I took the dog back to the owner, who had been beside herself all morning, imagining all the horrible things that could have happened to her dog.  It was pretty clear the dog knew she was home after we got there and I was glad they were reunited.

I was glad I could help, but if the dog had been wearing a tag it would have been so much easier! 

Please people put tags on your dog.  A tag really is probably the cheapest part of owning a dog.  It might seem like something you can easily skip and figure you will get the next time you are at the store.  But what happens if you don't get a next time...???

Be smart, ID your dog either with a tag or microchip, preferably both.

Here is the dog in my car.

A happy dog reunited with her owner - priceless!

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