Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Preparations!

It is getting more real everyday. This game I play with my dog. My game that is work for her, but work she enjoys. I am talking agility of course. We have now registered for two agility venues - CPE and USDAA. We are starting to enter trials, sending in the entries and fees - it is giving me chills to think we are almost there after having this dream for so long. 

This has been a long road for us, well not so long after we found a good instructor who understood what we needed and taught us (okay mostly me) how to handle certain issues we were having.  In a little under a year we have prepared and are ready to trial. that the time has come there are those other things that come with any sport. Things like the mental preparation that goes along with the game. My goals for our first few trials are not lofty, not by a long shot. But they are doable and I would rather have a couple of goals that we can achieve and if there is another one that we take home too, all the better. I have been starting to read some Jim Loehr again.  He is a tennis mental toughness guru that I used when I played competitive tennis. 

I'll get more into that in another post as the time gets closer. One of the most important things is to do everything you can to prepare for the match, or the trial that is in your control.  The mental toughness then comes in, at the event when things may go wrong or not as you had planned - how are you going to handle them, how will you react and how will your reaction effect you and the end result.

To do's for us right now the things we can control: 
  • Stay fit and get in as good of shape as we can. For agility it isn't just being fit to be fast it is imperative that Reese be fit and strong so she lessens her chance of getting injured. We will keep doing ball work, running when we can and taking long walks for overall fitness. One jump work and other tricks to build Reese's back end so she will be all set for pushing off for those 26" jumps.
  • Keep working on turns, keeping them tight, and the communication between Reese and I on the flat.
We will of course be doing all of these things by playing and making it a big game and having fun. The most important thing is that it is fun for Reese and I.

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D said...

I hear you on that long road. Logan was 5 years old before we finally stepped into an agility ring. You and Reese are going to do great, Q or no Q!