Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fun Run - On the Run Canine Center

Reese and I went to a fun run today at a new facility where we will be trialing this year. I wanted to see how she would do, handle the stess, and deal with different contacts. There were two teeters and they were different, some dogs didn't like one or the other so I was happy to see that Reese had no problems with either one. 

My handling could use some work, well okay, a lot of work. But my goal for today was to see if Reese would take my direction and stay with me on the course. She did both. Well she took direction when I gave it to her clearly. After we got through the set course we improvised and I tended to slow down trying to figure out where I wanted to go next.  She has been getting faster at our lessons and I think she will get faster at new locations too, once we start visiting more of them.   

Here is a video with some of our runs from today.


D said...

You guys did great! It will be fun next weekend!

Sare said...

Thanks. I made some mistakes but I learned what I wanted to. And I will be running the course next weekend instead of lolly-gagging through it!

sam said...

thats really cool, reese can jump really high