Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Two Kitties

Earlier this year I mentioned that I would be posting more about Bella and Sophie. Bella is back on raw 100% now which is great. I also found out I was overfeeding her the raw so that wasn't helping her weight to decrease at all. She recently tried some quail and loved it. Sophie liked it too which is great.

Sophie has been more difficult switching to raw. She has always been able to self regulate her eating and so doesn't have a problem with over indulgence. But Bella will steal her food so they both eat meals in their crates unless I am sitting there watching. I have had to get Sophie switched over from kibble to wet cat food and now we are working on the transition to raw. She is at about 1 tsp of raw each meal and rest cat food.

They both get a little kibble for a snack and by little I mean about 4 pieces of kibble. I also use it for treats if I am clicker training them. Instead of cat treats for a special treat they get kibble and they think it is something special.

However, I have come home occasionally to what should look like this

And found this instead......

Which is why you end up with this...

Ahh they are so sweet though - best buddies!

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