Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nose Problems, Quail and Feather toys......

I am going to try some new things on the blog. As you can see from yesterday's post I have started a Wordless Wednesday feature. It was an old picture but one that I like. I used to follow a blog that did this and I thought it was cool. Buzz's food lady doesn't have her blog anymore but I have seen others that do it as well. So I thought why not.

The other news is in the sickness and health department. A week or so ago Reese had developed a bump on the bridge of her nose sort of like a bug bite. It went away and then it came back again. Then it seemed to be a bit better. I started to think I was seeing things. Then a week ago last Monday the whole bridge of her nose was swollen. But after she was up out of her crate for awhile it looked a little better and she wanted to play and seemed to feel fine. Then by the end of the night it seemed better. 

I thought she had gotten bit by something or run into something with her bone. She loves to hide her bones. She will hide it and rehide it and rehide it for days until finally she decides she is ready to chew and eat it (don't worry it is an edible bone). So she didn't get bones for a bit to see if that was it.

Then last Saturday she was laying in her crate in the living room snoozing and when she got up and came to see me she had bumps on her nose again. Not a bump but multiple bumps. They got bigger and bigger. By Sunday it was obvious that something more than a bug bite was going on. It didn't seem to itch too much but at one point she did scratch them and rip a couple open.

We went to the vet on Monday and he is not sure what it is. She is on an antibiotic and that seems to be helping. The sores are drying up and have scabbed over. She has about 6-8 of them. Her stomach doesn't care for the antibiotic too much but seems to be adjusting. At least I am able to get them down her and she has only managed to spit one back out. IF the antibiotic doesn't work or they come back again we will have to look at a biopsy. The skin scraping that was done on Monday didn't show anything so we are hoping that it is just some kind of bacterial infection.

Bella has tweaked her knee again and her luxating patella is acting up. So we are really working on her weightloss goals. If we can get some of her weight off it will help immensely. Reese ran into the den where Bella was tonight and got a little too close saying hello. Bella growled at her and Reese high-tailed it right out of there. I was very impressed, good Bella - you show her who is boss. Last weekend I picked up some quail for Bella and she really likes it so I am happy about that. Will have to get her some more so she has some variety with the rabbit, turkey and chicken.

Sophie is doing well - stealing time on her human's bed whenever Reese is not there. I came home from work and the feather toys were spread out in the living room so someone had obviously been playing. I did some clicker work with her and Bella a number of years ago and we worked on it again the other day. They both still remember so we will do a video soon.

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