Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Also Happy Birthday to Reese's namesake. Today was the birthday of the Grandma that Reese is named after. Her proper name is Margaret Reese, call name Reese. Margaret is my Irish grandma that Reese is named after. We always went to dinner with Grandma on her birthday and she always ordered the chicken kiev.

I received some beautiful roses!

I bought Reese a bed yesterday for Valentine's Day. She loves to mess up the blankets on the couch or bed and create her own little nest so I thought she would like her own little bed to curl up in. 

And she would, she came right over and jumped in. There was just one problem......she didn't fit.
Either the back-end hangs Ten, or....
front end does.

Of course she had to try it with her bone to see if that would help......  nope - still doesn't fit.

I will have to take her with me to the pet store to get her a proper fitting bed to curl up in. I won't share with the store personnel that the last time she tried out a bed there, she tried it out by peeing on it!


fulltiltbcs said...

HA!! I try to tell you, all the time, that Reese's Pieces is a big girlie :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sare said...

I know. She has a sneaky way of making herself look little when she curls up into a ball. And it was the biggest bed they had. Will have to go to a real pet store and get a bed for the large breeds. Thank goodness I don't have a great dane!