Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Addictions and Withdrawal

We have let a little problem develop. Reese is addicted...she is addicted to these
Busy Bones and Biscuits

She has been taught to go into her crate to get a biscuit. She goes in her crate everytime she wants a biscuit. She also gets a biscuit when I need her to go into her crate and then I leave. We are cutting down on the biscuits and it is not going to be fun.

She really has an addiction to the Busy Bones. She would have one every night if she had her way - because she NEEDS them. The ones in the picture are the small ones. These she will eat. The larger ones she will hide. Then she will find it a few hours later and re-hide it. Then the next morning she will check to make sure it is still there. Then she will re-hide it again... you get the idea. This goes on for days until finally, she decides it is time to eat it.

So we are beginning our painful withdrawal from Busy Bones. Yes, I know she had an enabler in this addiction and now it is time to rid ourselves of this horrible vice.

Wish me luck and sanity with this monster I have created for the next few weeks. I'll need it.


Life With Dogs said...

Now the important question - what do you substitute? :)

Sare said...

Yes, that is the question. Going to try bully sticks again which have not been a big hit before. The achilles tendons she likes so have those too. But only once a week. Maybe a Sunday night treat and it will be the only chew thing for the week. Waiting for the protest which I am sure will come. What do yours chew or do they?