Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pawty! We're Havin' a Pawty!

Happy Birthday Reese!  Reese turned 4 years old today, so we thought we would throw a little party. First up was a morning hike.

Then we started getting ready for our party. And......we had a little Cake Wreck!
Yep, I FAILED! It really wasn't that hard to do.

But then I fixed it by jamming the H in there. The purple weird things on the right are sheep.

Getting ready
to blow the candle out!

And of course she got to eat a piece.

And no she didn't stay on the table. About two seconds after this picture was taken she took her piece to the floor where a proper dog eats her cake!

Finally, Reese opened her presents. A new ball (yeah, we don't have any of those around here do we?) and a new achilles tendon to chew. 

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