Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exciting Happenings Coming Our Way!

The days are getting shorter and darker, but we have been having a lovely Indian summer this Fall. It was in the 70's all week and we have a possibility of hitting 80 this weekend:))

But while I like the cooler weather, note I did not say cold, Reese and I have a number of things to look forward to in the coming months.

First, tomorrow morning our first trial entry is going in the mail for our first trial over Halloween weekend - so excited. We are entering just one day for this CPE trial as I have a photog class on Saturday. But on Sunday we are planning to run the 4 classes that are offered that day - Jumpers, Standard, Colors and Jackpot.  So gotta do a quick study of Colors and Jackpot.  I figured this will be a good introduction for Reese to a trial and I can get an idea of how she will react to running at a different location than where we train and to the commotion that comes with a trial situation. One day will probably be enough for my nerves our first time out too.

There are two other trials I am hoping to enter before the year is out so will see how the first one goes....

In November Reese and I will be traveling across country with our friends Loretta and Donna and dogs to another Kathy Knox herding clinic.  Reese will be happy to room with her beau Spot again.  Will be fun to see Kathy again and some of the other people that work stock in that part of the country again.  These clinics are so incredible, the amount you learn in a weekend is mind boggling and leaves me thinking dog for days and weeks afterwards - which is what they should do.

Early next year Reese and I got into two of the working spots for a Silvia Trkman seminar, woo hoo, happy dance!! I will be auditing many of the other sessions as well, can't wait!

This past week at our lesson Reese and I ran the Jumpers course from the World Agility Championship Large dogs.  What a rush, it was great.  So fun - we broke it down and then put it all together at the end.  Yes, I was wheezing at the end, but I was able to run it.  Reese did great. 

Oh and last weekend we got a fun new tool to help us workout. It is a hands free leash for running by Stunt Puppy.  Haven't tried it yet, no running this past week - just long walks as I've been a bit under the weather. But we hope to give it a good try this weekend.

Are you ready yet, I'm waiting!

Okay, lets go!

Come On Lady, lets get out the door already!

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