Monday, October 18, 2010

A Weekend Without Work

Isn't that what weekends are supposed to be. Time for fun and relaxation. Not always if you have a house to take care of. There is so much to do before winter sets in.  But....sometimes you just have to take a break and figure it will get done.

So that is sort of what we did this weekend. Didn't really plan it that way. Had planned on getting up early on Saturday to do yard work including getting the leaves up and mowing. Clean out the garage, put the garden to bed and take the fence down. Will be interesting to see how long it takes the rabbits to mow the garden remnants down. didn't happen.

Instead I slept in, ran with Reese with the Stunt Puppy, our hands free leash which works great. Played in the yard. Went shopping, made chilli which I have never made before. I know I should have known it would be easy but it tastes complicated so I just never tried it. It was delicious.

Then we watched some agility. My friends and trainer were running dogs in the Cynosports USDAA Nationals.  After technical difficulty I finally got the live feed to work.  
Even Reese watched for awhile!

Notice her ears. Seems to be a bit worried watching some of the runs. Can you say "fault traps".

"Oh I can't watch. I think they are going to miss that weave entry."

Then a nice dinner at my parents, with my brother and his girlfriend.

Some random shots of Reese

No one will play ball with me:((
Mom, will you put the black box away and play ball with me?

Should I take the black box away? Is that what you want?

Nap time!

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