Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flanks for Stockwork

Yes, I am getting excited to go to our herding clinic in November.  It is only about a month away and I know the time is going to go very fast.

I really liked this post about Flanks and "natural" vs "mechanical" flanks.  I think there were a lot of good points in this post.  Check it out if you like...

Also, we got a sub 10 minute mile in this morning with the Stunt Puppy!  Fun to be out there moving again.  I hope to get some pictures that I can post with us using it later today.  And just to confuse the poor girl we may get to a dry land skijoring practice tomorrow where, yes if in a harness she will be told to pull.  Don't know if they will have harnesses there to try on or will have to see when I get more info on it.  I'm not worried I have a very smart girl and she will figure it out, in collar run next to person, in harness pull!

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