Sunday, October 24, 2010

Directionally Challenged

"Reese you have an arrow on your head".
I had my brother take some photos of Reese and I using the Stunt Puppy hands free leash.  His first comment though was about Reese.

"That's so you know what direction to go, huh?"

Very  funny, Uncle Mike,

Here we come....

Lookin' good!

There we go...
See ya.....!

I love this leash. Everyday I ask Reese, are you you wanna "Stunt Puppy"??? And she gets all excited because she knows what it means.  She rarely pulls on it at all anymore and runs next to me or slightly ahead but with plenty of slack in the line.

Only one drawback....everytime I put my windpants on she thinks its going to be time for a run with the Stunt Puppy!

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