Friday, September 17, 2010

Protect, Prepare and Bring Them Home....

Our pets are so important to us. We spend time training, walking and playing with our pets everyday. We spend money on our pets, sometimes a lot of money. There are vet bills, food, toys, treats, obedience or agility classes, herding lessons. Then comes the entry fees to the agility and herding trials, and the big ones the clinic fees, whether agility or herding and along with that the hotels and food, gas....oh, how we will spend the money for our pets.

It is a wonder to me that so many people will spend the money on the above things and yet pass up the opportunity to purchase a $2.00-$3.00 I.D. tag for their pet. Seriously people.  How hard is it to go to your local pet store, buy a tag and put it on their collar. It might be the best two or three bucks you spend on your pet. Better yet get them microchipped. Even better do both. Things happen, dogs get out, people let them out intentionally as awful as that sounds. The most prepared and best trained dogs can and sometimes do get lost or wonder off. 

The other thing I do that is very important is to keep a current picture of my pets handy. I keep mine printed off on a sheet of paper. If,  god forbid anything should happen to my pets and they get lost I have a picture all set to be made into posters and flyers. My brother who lives in town and my sister who is out of town, both have copies in case I am not there when something like this should happen. The quicker you can act the better chances of finding and saving your pet.

This happened to a friend of mine the other weekend. She was out of town, and one of her dogs went missing. No one had a current photo or picture and time was spent calling around to try to find one. Luckily this dog was found and was safely back home after a short time. But that short time will seem like eternity if it is your pet. Why not know that you did what you could to bring them home safe.

1. Buy a tag for your pets and have them wear them.
2. Get your pets microchipped, in case the collar comes off.
3. Have pictures available to use in the event that posters or flyers need to be made.

Play with your pet, love your pet and keep them safe!

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