Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New But Old Things.. (clarified)

I'm going to be getting busier for awhile. But even though my time will be more scheduled I am actually hoping to be posting more often if you can believe it. We'll see what happens.

Life has been oh, Going to change it up a bit. I'm going to start doing some things that I used to enjoy and see if I still enjoy them. Going to get a little more varied or a more balanced life as some people like to call it. 

Not that I don't like working, playing and training Reese. She is still my priority and if time for her gets too short then I'll have to reshuffle the schedule again. Might need to shorten our lessons or cut the frequency down to fit my schedule and the trainers especially since I have that stupid annoyance called work during the day. Will have to see what the Winter schedule brings.
I'm going to be taking a few photography classes and am also hoping to get back into some things I did back in college and before, things that I enjoyed.  20 years later who knows, but I won't know unless I try them again. No time like the present as I am certainly not getting any younger.

I figure being busier will help the winter go by quicker. I am also hoping that involving myself with some additional activities will help to to put up with work until I find something new either at my current location or elsewhere. Things have gone stagnant and my career has stalled, it's time to shake things up a bit.

Reese and I are going to try cani-cross and skijoring this winter - at least that is the plan. I have dusted off the piano keys and hope to be all tuned up in time from Christmas songs.  There is much more so we will see how it goes. Looking forward to some changes and hope things start to be better than

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