Saturday, September 25, 2010


Reese and I were playing in the yard the other night. I wanted to work on some agility stuff. Tight turns and some direction changes with the jump uprights.

She however, had other ideas. She was not interested in the jumps or the tug in my hand. She wanted to sniff the grass, smell the clean fall air and gaze off into the distance. 

Hmmmm, not very connected to me at the time huh. And definitely not into the game.

So I decided to get her interested I would just play with her for awhile. Get her into the game first, then we'll add some agility to the mix. 

SO I moved the jump and just started playing with the tug, running around with her getting her to chase me a bit. Then we played fetch with the tug. Once she was tugging well and into playing and connected with me I pulled the jump back out and presto....

magic... we've got a focused, drivey dog on at the end of the tug.

So if the furry half of your team is not into the game you want to play, change it up and get them interested. Don't let them quit, make it fun, remind them how fun you are and get them into the game.

But beware of little goblins in the night, hiding out in black and white furry coats. The next time you are out, you may be goosed from behind from a wet nose with a tug in her mouth. Ready to play Mom....I am....lets play.....!!!!  Good girlie.

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