Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun Day at the Fun Run!

Reese and I went to an Agility Fun Run today. We had a great time. These are such great experiences for green dogs in agility. It gives the dog a chance to adjust to and test how they would react in more of a trial situation and lets the handler see where they need to work on their handling skills.

With Reese, I am always happy if she stays focused on me and doesn't get the zoomies, or get keyed up on the other dogs walking and running around. She did great. I had to refocus her a few times, but in her defense there were sheep at this Fun Run and she knew it and while she is getting more into the game of agility...working sheep will always be her first love.

She did a great job ignoring other dogs while they were running or walking around the site, not barking in the car while waiting her turn. She got excited when one dog ran who is very fast and barks when running around the ring, but I got her refocused after that and she was fine. So different than she was a year ago, heck even six months ago. She was even more interested in visiting with the people than she was in the dogs running their courses today.  Good Girlie!!!!

While we are on the course she didn't run off to see the other dogs even once. She just wanted to see the sheep, which in reality the chances of an agility trial being held right next to someone working sheep is not all that likely. Could it happen yes, but.....we just won't attend those until she has a full comprehension of what we are working at the moment - agility or sheep.

After the fun run I helped some friends who are always so much fun build a round pen. We had lots of laughs, got lots of sun (didn't find that out until I got home - and yes, I wore sunscreen), and learned lots of interesting farm animal facts. Such as, "Did you know that pigs.....??  Well, we won't go there now. Also, learned the tricks of the trade of how to build a round pen. Hard work but fun to see the end result.

Here is a video of our runs from today. These were shot with my camera that shoots digital stills and also has HD video. I have only shot one other video on it so I wasn't sure how these would turn out. My friend Dianna taped these for me. She did a great job as I couldn't give her much of any instruction as I hadn't ever used the zoom with the video. Thanks Dianna.  However, I must mention that I had Donna tape us on my old camera for a back up. Just have to say that Donna did a great job taping today as well:))  Thanks Donna.

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