Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Long Cold Winter It Has Been....

What a long cold winter it has been, and it is still January...

We did have a heatwave the other day it actually warmed up to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Whoo hoo! Then, as always it got cold again. Last weekend it was -47 degrees where some friends live about an hour north of me. No that is not WITH the windchill, that is straight air temperature, -47 degrees. Add the wind chill and you are not stepping outside for more than 15 seconds or your nose hairs will freeze and fall off.

This week it has been a bit warmer, actually got to 20 degrees one day and is scheduled to be warmer tomorrow. But then....
    yep, the cold is coming back.  Why, oh why do I live here?

Oh, that's right because I'm a tough Minnesotan! You don't know cold and snow until you have lived in Minnesota during January. Yeah, right! My advice - head to Florida or Arizona.

I have friends that moved here from another country. When they told people they were going to live in Minnesota.  They were warned. "Don't go to Minnesota. It gets so cold there your head will freeze and fall off."  Yeah it's a good idea to wear a hat and the smart ones throw fashion to the wind when the temps start to dip. But we are all walking around with our heads intact not to worry.

I know of someone from Minnesota who was traveling in Europe.  Met some girls and wanted to impress them. So....he explained to the ladies that in Minnesota it gets so cold that we (Minnesotans) have an extra layer of skin to keep us warm. Also, if we cut ourselves we don't bleed right way! 

Is there any wonder why people think we are crazy for living here!

There was the summer I spent in Southern California during high school.  When they found out I was from Minnesota numerous kids I met asked, "Cool, so you live in an igloo?"  "Ummm, no I don't. That would be a little farther north. Thanks for asking."

We did have our agility lesson last week, but got to train at a heated indoor facility. That was super fun!  Then this happened.
Living Room before agility lesson.

Living room after agility lesson.

Hmmm, how did that happen.

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