Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So What's Up With the Blog Changes???

Yeah, I've been changin' the blog a bit here and there.  Trying to find something that I like so please be patient.  I had a nice green background that I really liked and then I tried some of the new templates and now of course I can't find the green that I had.

The new templates are nice because you can change the layout on them a bit but I still haven't found what I am looking for.  Trying black background right now, I like how it makes the pictures look, but a lot of people use black so stay tuned, it will probably be different the next time you visit.

Also, I have realized I do not like trying to go back and repost for things that have already happened.  Getting a good post about our Mother's Day Celebration together and then will just continue from current events.

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