Monday, May 31, 2010

Hmmm.......Kibble vs. Steak.....

Kibble wins paws down!  At least that is what Reese thought at our last agility lesson.  Sure she took a few pieces of steak but was just as happy with the kibble, so hey.  It's kibble for my girl.  I was really proud of her considering this was not agility living room style.  This was a full course set up, no fence - which she has done wonderfully at, and sheep in the barn, - baaaaaing away. 

She was focused and worked really nicely.  The only minor problem, is eh, our stamina.  Yes, both hers and the handler's stamina needs a bit of work.  We worked jump lines and some grids and it was exhausting.  At least that is what Reese thought as she plopped down on the ground after each run.  It was hot out, but I don't think it was THAT hot out.

So our homework was to work on jump lines and grids and things that will get Reese's booty in fine shape for rear viewing:))

This past week we started our marathon training in earnest too, so it coincided very nicely.

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