Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Spring!

There has been a lot going on and I'm not going to try to post it all.  But I will share a few highlights in the next few posts.  (and just for the record, I have been trying to get this post out all week, but blogger has not been cooperating.)  
I love the Spring it is my favorite season.  I think when you live were it is snowy and below zero much of the winter, winter sometimes being 8 months out of the year, you really have a hearty appreciation for Spring.  First, the thaw and then the grass starts to green up, finally all new things come to life.  Flowers bloom, trees begin to bud and most important - lambs are born!

Yes, my friend has sheep and they do their lambing in the Spring. 

Aren't they the sweetest things.  They were so small when I saw them on this day. Much tinier than they look in the pictures. 
One of the Ewes.  Wondering what's going on with her baby.
On this day that I visited the lambs it was my birthday so it was extra fun to see the little baby woolies. I was also asked to help band and dock tails.  Okay so I just had to hold the little buggers but it was interesting to see how it is done.  Much easier then I thought. (Of course I wasn't on the receiving end).
Hey there, whatcha all doin' down there?  Ooohhh!

My friends are great. I appreciate so much that they are willing to share how they do things with their sheep with me.  I am learning so much even the little things that are so mundane to them are fun and interesting to this city girl, wanna be farmgirl.  I want to learn and know as much as I can about the daily care of livestock before I get my own so I know just what I am in far, I love it!

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