Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look what I have!

Yes, I finally did it. I decided on a camera and I bought it.  No more waffling, time was a wasting - time to take some pictures.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  So hopefully you will see some better action shots of Reese soon. 

Reese and I went to out herding lesson last night and I worked Reese for a bit after the instructor.  It was really good to start working her again. We are using a different technique now then we have in the past and it is really helping Reese to build her confidence and think about actually working not just getting amped and circling.  She is working her flanks better and much farther away from the stock. She is bending and giving when asked.  She has developed a very nice "go bye" and that is still her preferred side, while she still gets a bit nervous when she is on her "away" side, it is coming along nicely. It is just a change for me with the new methods we are using so I have a bit of work to do but a few more times working her and I think it will start to come. The instructor gives really good explanations of why and what we are doing so that helps a lot.

Hopefully the rain will quit one of these days so I can get outside for some pictures.
My first wildlife photo.

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