Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Shining Star is Gone

While the world is a quieter place today because of the loss a great man, it is also a better place because he was in it. Those who called him a friend, brother, son, uncle, teacher were lucky. His family helped to make him who he was and while they knew him best they will miss him the most.

It never makes sense why we lose the people we do. A young man in his prime with so much to give and contribute. A teacher, an inspiration to students and friends. A man who did more in his short lifetime than we ever will.

It always seems like we lose the ones who touch so many when they still have so much to give. It never makes sense. God takes these special people, it seems, all to early from us, and we will never know why... other than that their work here was done and now they must go.

So Fly Angel Huan - you are up in the stars now - where you belong.

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