Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Christmas!!

This Christmas was a little different than some, what with the threat of 20 inches of snow falling over a three day period - those three days being Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after or Boxing day for all the Europeans out there. As it turned out we didn't get 20 inches. We got about 5 inches of snow then some sleat, then some rain mixed with more snow. Then more snow. So what did we end up with. Well we ended up with one sore back. Yes - wet snow is heavy and then when it gets cold the chucks of snow made by the plow get frozen to the entrance of the driveway. It really tests your patience and your determination. 

But....snow is lovely to look at, although not so much when you have gotten half of the driveway shoveled for the fifth time in three days and you look up and realize it is snowing again.....what's up with that!!

Oh, yea, I guess the driveway will be shoveled for a sixth time in the next 24 hours.  Luckily I stocked up on food and wine before Christmas and I have lots of Christmas cookies left over to satisfy any sugar cravings. 

Speaking of cravings - what do you think Reese wished she would get for Christmas. Could it be, do you think it not a about a new ball. It was a pretty scanty Christmas this year but this is what Reese hauled in.
Reese you need to smile for the camera, okay.

Alright, I'm smilin', I'm smilin!

Opening gifts
Don't look Ma, I got a new love in my life... 

Mike, oh, how I love thee. How about a little kissy!!

I love hanging out with my Mike.

I told you not to look Ma, we're just going to take a little nappy here, okay.

Reese loves Mike so much even though they don't see each other often. Border Collies can be very standoffish dogs. Don't get me wrong Reese will size you up when she meets you but she does it quickly and most likely you won't even notice she has done it. Unless there is something seriously wrong with you, i.e. you are a danger to me or her family you should pass the test. And when you do she will let you know and she will never forget you.

What did I get for Christmas. I got exactly what I wanted. My Mom was very sick for a couple of months and there were a number of days we didn't know if she was going to make it. Once she started to get better it was very slow and we didn't know if she would ever get back to her old self. But thankfully she did.  About a week or so ago she really turned a corner and started to get back to normal. So happy to see that.  None of us were ready for her to go anywhere. So thank you for your prayers to all those who knew she was sick. 

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