Monday, December 21, 2009


you look up in the sky tonight
and see that star shining so bright
know that Huan is looking down.

Today was a sad day for us here on earth. Huan's funeral was today. It was very sad, but at the same time it was obvious how many people's lives Huan touched.

In that sense, today was a celebration of Huan's life, and all the things he accomplished, and all the people whose hearts now have a little piece of Huan in it.

I know that Huan is now looking down on all of his family and friends and keeping them safe. I also imagine that Huan is having some very interesting discussions and debates with some great scientists that have gone before him....Einsteen, Galileo - those would be some pretty interesting discussions.

Huan worked on some amazing projects. I have read more about Huan's work, and while I don't understand much of it - I know that if Huan was doing the research and interested in something, it must have been important.

While he was a great scientist, admired and known the world over. He was amazing because at his level he could have had anything, worked anywhere, and called all the shots. But Huan wanted to do research. He wanted to learn and he wanted to teach. He wanted to give back and didn't forget what it was like to be the lowly student.

With as much career success as Huan had he still kept his priorities straight - a thing so rare these days. His friends and family all shared how Huan always made it home for the holidays and that he spoke of his family often and how important they were to him. Huan understood that family and friendships are not something you take for granted and that those relationships are the most important thing in life.

Huan is one of those people that will continue to give back even though he cannot do it directly. Students will still learn from him and the work he had done. Friends will share things about Huan with each other and will be changed because of something new they learned about their friend. Even strangers will read about Huan and will be changed.

Huan would want his work and the search for answers to continue. He would want his family and friends to know that while he is no longer with them on earth he is with them always in heart and spirit.

Godspeed Huan!

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