Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working Dogs

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. I finished up the fall yardwork on Saturday. Reese and I went for a long hike and played and played and played some more - all outside of course!

Sunday was just as nice, a little bit cooler but only by a few degrees. It was a great day for working dogs and Reese and I had a great day. Reese worked the goats and did a fabulous job. She looked great, she worked close but not too close, it was all controlled and she kept her balance point very nicely. She took corrections for her flanks easily and it just felt great.

We really felt like a team out there. I feel like things are really starting to come together for us and we are starting to click as a team. We are working on some non-stockwork things to improve our teamwork and it is really starting to come together and it shows.

It wasn't just evident to those watching us but when that working relationship clicks you can feel it, and I did. I know Reese was very pleased with herself and it took a lot out of her, she was concentrating and working very hard to keep things in control and she was rewarded by it working. I know she worked hard because she was completely wiped out all night after we got home. It was nice to see a very contented pupper after a good days work.

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