Friday, November 20, 2009


I love watching what a border collies ears will do. They get big when they are little and sometimes have a hard time deciding what to do. Up, Down, half mast.  It is so fun to watch a pup grow into their ears. This was Reese when she was little and trying to figure out what her ears were going to do.  It's sort of like when you want your hair to be curly and it will only be wavey. Or you want it to curl under and it only wants to flip out.  Sometimes you just have to learn to work with what you get.
The Flying Nun ears
Copter Ears
Right, I said go Right
Trying to keep it straight.
Oh, well one must relax when chewing a good bone.

Say you there, with the box on your face....Get away from my bone.

Say what you want about my ears, you know I am the cutest little thing.

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