Friday, January 23, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Last year at this time it was cold, we are talking sub-zero weather, the kind that makes your eyes water and then your eyelids freeze shut. It gives the term "brain-freeze" a whole new meaning and not a welcome one at that.

Last year at this time Reese was also spayed. Not a fun experience for either of us. She had a few complications, although thankfully they were minor ones and we got through them. However, she did have to wear some special head-gear for awhile.
She started out looking like this in the morning....

Then after she came home she looked like this for a few days...

And here she was feeling a bit better.

Here she is enjoying a game of tennis on the Wii!
"I know what to do with a tennis ball ya know!"

How about a little bowling?

Notice the cone is taking on a shape of its own!

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