Sunday, January 18, 2009

Booties, and other Winter accessories!

Reese usually doesn't need booties for her paws except for extreme temps when we walk for short periods of time or on moderately cold days for really long walks, they are nice to have in case her feet get cold. The ones you can buy at the store don't last very long and this late in the season the stores are sold out and won't get more until next year. While I could have ordered some I decided it would be faster and cheaper to make our own. I bought all the materials for numerous pairs for the cost on one pair at the store. The first set we made was blue. I made six so that if one gets lost or ripped we have a couple of back-ups. While she was modeling them I couldn't resist adding a few accessories! No, she would never wear a scarf and hat in real life, but I thought it would be a cute picture. However, she didn't agree, so we cut the fashion show short.

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