Saturday, January 3, 2009

Does she ever stop moving?

Here she is my high drive border collie! Isn't she cute all snuggled up with her pillow in her chair. People see her after a 6 mile hike, which is a warm up for her, and ask isn't she tired yet. Well, it all depends. If there are people to see, things to sniff and tummy rubs to get, no she is on. But, if nothing is going on or I tell her to take a break this is what I get. She has a good off switch and it is usually off unless I tell her its time to work, a.k.a time to play fetch, agility, tricks, or go for a hike.

I think this was before our morning romp in the snow. We walked this morning and did some tricks and training this afternoon. Then she watched me put away all the Christmas decorations and take down the tree. Aparently, it was exhausting just watching! As I type she is snug as a bug asleep in her crate.

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