Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our dear friend Maddie has been sick lately. So that has kept us busy with updates, visits (me only, Reese was only recently given the okay by the vet to visit), and temperature checks. Madders is very fond of her food, your food, anyone's get the idea. About a month or so ago she decided she wasn't interested in her food, which is very unlike Ms. Maddie. After a vet visit she was diagnosed with an infection of unknown origin and low thyroid. She was put on some meds and sent home but soon worsened. She had more tests and a biopsy and was found to have a non-specific liver problem, or hepatitis. She lost about 15 pounds, and was very weak. It was touch and go for awhile to see if she would pull through. But she is a stubborn girlie and this was not her time to go. She has been making great progress, but is still not completely her old self. Will see what this week brings. We are hoping and praying it will be a week of steady improvement and gaining strength. She loves to play in the snow and make Golden Retriever angels in the yard after her walks. Get well soon Maddie....the snow is coming!

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